Common Places a Roof Will Leak

Common Places a Roof Will Leak

Have you noticed a stain on your ceiling? If so, it likely means that your roof is leaking. Whether caused by old age or storm damage, a leaky roof needs to be fixed as soon as possible to prevent damage from spreading. Here are common parts of a roofing system that are prone to leaks:


Being able to gaze at the stars while in the comfort of your own bed is a homeowner’s dream. If you have skylights in your master bedroom or elsewhere around your home, it’s good to have them regularly inspected to ensure the weather sealant around the windows is still holding strong. This sealant will degrade over time, allowing your roof to leak.


Plumbing vents, or vent pipes, stick out from the roof and help keep air moving through the home. The flashing around the pipe, as well as the rubber boot at the top of it, will eventually succumb to long-term exposure to the elements and will need to be replaced.


Roofing is secured to a chimney with flashing, a thin strip of metal that is sealed with caulk. If the flashing is not installed properly, it will almost always result in a leaky roof. However, even if it is installed correctly, both the flashing and caulk will wear down over time, requiring maintenance to prevent leaking.

Bare Patches

Are there bare patches in your roof? If so, this means that there are missing shingles, likely blown off in strong winds. These shingles should be replaced as soon as possible to stave off moisture damage. While you’re looking at your roof, do you notice dark or curling shingles? A dark color or curling effect indicates that your roofing shingles are nearing the end of their lifespan and may fail.

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