The Advantages of Investing in a Gutter Protection System

Gutter Installation Indianapolis INIf you have gutters, then you are likely all too well aware of how aggravating it can be to keep debris out of them. Leaves, sticks, pine cones – debris like this can gradually accumulate inside of a gutter system and prevent it from properly doing its job. Though you can always climb a ladder and remove the debris by hand, gutter cleaning is an inherently dangerous activity that can all too easily end up in a trip to the hospital. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that nearly half of all fatal falls in the last decade involved a fall off a ladder.

Fortunately, there is a solution, and that is to have a gutter protection system installed. This type of product has become immensely popular in Columbus, Ohio, and other communities across the country. While product features do differ slightly from brand to brand, all gutter protection systems are designed to keep debris out so that gutters can remain properly functioning. Investing in a gutter cover will make it so that you never have to clean your gutters – or pay someone else to do it – again. It will also keep your home better protected against rainwater-related damage, such as foundation deterioration and mold and mildew growth in the basement.

Home Value Renovation Installs High-Performance Gutter Protection Systems in Columbus, Ohio & Surrounding Areas

The company to call if you live in or near Columbus, Ohio, and think you might want to invest in gutter covers is Home Value Renovation. We are a family-run business that proudly offers a winning-combination of high-quality products and expert installation services – all backed by one of the best warranties in the business.

Our team installs the following gutter guard brands:

  • LeaFree™ – Made of heavy-duty .024-guage aluminum and firmly affixed using stainless steel screws, LeaFree™ can handle torrential rain and just about anything else Mother Nature throws at it. It is available is 15 different attractive colors, as well as copper.
  • GutterRx™ – This product is a cure to all your gutter clog problems. GutterRx™ features all-aluminum construction and is completely impenetrable by nuisance animals like birds and squirrels. Water, and only water, is allowed to pass through the perforated top surface.

Contact HVR today to learn more about our gutter protection products and services. We gladly offer free estimates seven days a week anywhere in the Columbus, Ohio, area. HVR is a trusted general contractor that also installs siding, replacement windows, roofing shingles, and more.

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“Did an excellent job. Our bushes and flowers were covered so nothing was damaged. They did a good job cleaning up. I was asked to inspect their work and point out any concern.”

“Thanks again for guiding Sandra and I through the new roof process – and for a great roof. We really appreciate it. Sandra is very pleased, and as the saying goes “happy wife happy life”!”

“Roofing is their expertise. They work with insurance companies and they do a great job on reports. They did a great job on the repair and their customer service was excellent.”

“Great company and got the job done, the roof looks beautiful. I was very pleased with their professional attitude. Roof cost me a little more than I expected, however it was money well spent.”

“Did an excellent job. I was able to inspect their work. Very friendly, courteous workers.”

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